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Save our planet

Water is a precious resource, sometimes even a luxury in some countries, so let's save it!

During a hotel stay, a guest uses an average of 400 litres of water per day. So avoid leaving the water running while brushing your teeth, for example. Using a tooth glass can save 10,000 litres of water per person per year.

Washing a towel requires a lot of water, electricity and detergent… It is better to change it only when it is really necessary!

  • We can keep our towels for several days (see our guidelines).
  • We can choose to shower rather than take a bath. A shower uses 5 times less water than a bath (50/250 litres). All of our bathrooms have showers !
  • The toilets are not for waste (tampons, nappies, medicines) which alters the functioning of the purification plant and risks being discharged incorrectly into the natural environment. Stay alert!
Eco gestures for hotel guests - save our planet !
Eco gestures for hotel guests - save our planet !

Our waste is increasing too!

According to various sources, a hotel-restaurant produces about 5.5 m3 of waste per year per room.
Add the wastewater and you get about 90 m3 per room per year.
Our hotel sorts its waste, so help us! Together we can reduce our waste at the source (choose products without too much packaging and which have not travelled far!)

Without energy, there is no life!

Our hotel is equipped with low-energy light bulbs and motion sensors have been installed throughout the building. When you leave your room, don’t forget to turn off the electricity by removing your key from the slot. Did you know that turning off the TV standby during the night generates savings equivalent to watching 2 films?

Eco gestures for hotel guests - save our planet !